Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adlib Software Launches Expanded North American Channel Program

Enables VARs to Increase Revenue through
Complementary Software Licenses and Services

Burlington, Ontario — August 25, 2008
— Adlib Software, a leader in advanced server-based document conversion, recognition and publishing, unveiled its new Value Added Reseller (VAR) program. The new VAR channel program offers the software, training and support required for VARs to deliver a server-based document transformation solution as part of an automated document workflow. Initially, the program will be targeted at VARs that specialize in document-centric solutions within nine key verticals including life sciences and pharmaceutical, legal, manufacturing and

Adlib’s new channel program was developed for VARs that are engaged in marketing, selling and servicing applications including content, business process, document and product lifecycle management systems. Adlib Software not only extends the functionality of these systems, but offers VARs a chance to capture additional licensing, service and support revenue within their existing customer base and grow their business with new prospects.

“In working with Adlib Software for the past four years, I’ve had first hand experience seeing its document transformation products in action,” said Daniel Lieber, president of Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc. (IIUI). “Adlib Software is one of the select few partners out there that has great software that just plain works. It plays a critical role in my customers’ deployments and the company has been available to answer support questions. Adlib has been a great addition to our

“With the demand for our products reaching new heights, it is a perfect time to reevaluate the importance of our VAR Channel Program,” said Peter Duff, president and CEO of Adlib Software.
“Our applications recently went through a transformation, making them much more strategic to document workflow solutions. As such we see the VAR Channel as the natural mechanism to accelerate the penetration of these solutions into the market.”

As a demonstration of its commitment to building a strong VAR network, the company recently appointed Chris Yardley as manager of VAR channels to spearhead the development of its channel program. “Thousands of customers use Adlib every day to improve a variety of document transformation processes,” said Yardley. “The new channel program provides an excellent opportunity for VARs to derive new revenue streams from this growing demand and for end users to maximize the value of existing investments.

“Document management is huge,” said Yardley. “ECM, BPM and many other document-centric product categories are driving a lot of revenue for the VAR community. But VARs need to look beyond the standard offering. Through complementary applications that make these solutions better, VARs that are willing to capitalize on the opportunities afforded to them by offering applications like Adlib Express Server will have a clear advantage and drive a lot more revenue.”

The Adlib Software VAR Channel Program will provide channel partners with a powerful suite of document transformation applications to meet their customers' growing needs and increase distribution and reach of Adlib products in North America. In addition to the standard fare of marketing collateral, training and MDF, authorized VARs can be assured that Adlib will actively participate in all aspects of the sales and marketing process to ensure mutual success.

Built for organizations that produce large volumes of documents or continuously need to share
documents inside or outside of the enterprise, the Adlib Express Server products integrate into a company’s existing workflow. Adlib provides companies in many vertical industries a competitive edge when it comes to server-based document rendering. Adlib helps life sciences and pharmaceutical companies bring drugs to market faster; enables law firms and judicial courts to accurately and easily control case documents; allows manufacturers to convert and share images, drawings and designs with colleagues and customers across the hall or across the globe; and government agencies to collect and share critical and sensitive information delivered in various formats from multiple locations.

For VARs interested in the new Adlib channel program, visit
or contact Chris Yardley at 905-631-2875. Adlib executives will also be available at the 33rd Annual AIIM Document Management Service Providers Executive Forum. The conference will take place from November 6 – 8 at The Driskill in Austin, Texas. For conference information, visit

About Adlib Software

Adlib Software is a leading producer of document conversion, recognition and publishing software. Its products integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications as part of any strategic content management workflow. Adopted by leading Enterprise Content Management
vendors as the standard in document rendering, Adlib Express Server products scale to work well in departmental applications right up to an enterprise-wide document transformation framework service, accessible by any automated document workflow.

For additional information, contact:

Lina Suriani

Adlib Software



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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is PDF/A ?

PDF/A is the standard electronic document file format for long term archival that has been ratified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as ISO 19005-1.

Why PDF/A ?

The vast quantities of PDF's that are created everyday in businesses around the world require that a standard be defined to ensure that documents remain readable and accessible. Not all of the features of PDF files are self contained however. Over time, external dependencies can be broken causing information to be lost. PDF/A is the standard to ensure document archives maintain content integrity.

Adlib Software Solutions


  • ExpressServer supports the conversion of PDF's from over 300 different formats. The PDF/A Add-on enables the various document formats to be created as PDFs that are compliant to the PDF/A standard.
  • Provides validation of newly converted PDF documents as well as existing PDF documents to ensure they comply with the PDF/A standard. Deviations from the standard are stored in an XML log file for ease of analysis and reporting.
Adlib Software

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Digital Signatures for PDF documents

Why use them?

A digital signature is a cryptographic based scheme to provide assurance that a document has not been modified or tampered with since the signature was applied. The cryptographic "certificate" validates that a particular user is who they say they are. The result is a signed document that can be validated from two perspectives: the identity of the signatory as well as the integrity of the original document.

A server based signing solution is a significant step toward simplifying the process of using Digital Signatures in an automated workflow. The user does not need to go through a multi-step process in order to apply the signature which results in significant savings related to end-user training. For integrators, the software is simple to implement within an overall Digital Signature solution due to a variety of programatic interfaces.


  • Server based software for applying Digital Signatures to PDFs
  • Render an original document to PDF and apply a Digital Signature in a single step
  • Apply Digital Signatures to existing PDF documents
  • Supports PKCS#7, PKCS#12,DER, and PEM certificates
  • Multiple Signatures can be applied in a single step or in multiple passes
Digital Signatures Add-On for ExpressServer is an application that enables organizations to render documents from their original format to PDF and then apply a Digital Signature.

See Adlib for server based PDF Digital Signature solutions.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ECTD - Electronic Common Technical Document

Based on the Common Technical Document the ECTD (Electronic Common Technical Document) is a protocol for regulatory submissions for the pharmaceutical industry to government health agencies such as the US FDA (Federal Drug Administration) or the EMEA (European Medicines Agency).

These agencies require a specific protocol for document submission including metadata that can be easily transferred from one party to another. The general requirement includes a main directory folder, an XML file that includes metadata on the document, and sub-folder organization with stylesheets that provide formatting information.

The latter provides elements such as hyperlinks, headers, footers, etc. Document Type Definitions (DTD) are also required. DTD is a syntax methodology that defines the document structure (it's class or type).

The effective implementation of ECTD to meet government submission guidelines can be streamlined by improving the source documents and conversion process. Initial document conversion, OCR, formatting and inclusion of hyperlinks improves the efficiency of the process.

Adlib ExpressEnterprise Server produces mission critical PDF's that provide the necessary components for meeting regulatory submission guidelines. This includes the ability to augment, reorganize and (re)format PDF's using an automated process.

For more information on Adlib Software solutions, visit our website.

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