Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is PDF/A ?

PDF/A is the standard electronic document file format for long term archival that has been ratified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as ISO 19005-1.

Why PDF/A ?

The vast quantities of PDF's that are created everyday in businesses around the world require that a standard be defined to ensure that documents remain readable and accessible. Not all of the features of PDF files are self contained however. Over time, external dependencies can be broken causing information to be lost. PDF/A is the standard to ensure document archives maintain content integrity.

Adlib Software Solutions


  • ExpressServer supports the conversion of PDF's from over 300 different formats. The PDF/A Add-on enables the various document formats to be created as PDFs that are compliant to the PDF/A standard.
  • Provides validation of newly converted PDF documents as well as existing PDF documents to ensure they comply with the PDF/A standard. Deviations from the standard are stored in an XML log file for ease of analysis and reporting.
Adlib Software

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