Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adlib Software and COOP Systems Sign OEM Agreement

Adlib ExpressConversion Server and ExpressPublishing Server Technology to Bolster COOP Systems’ Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Technology 

Burlington, Ontario — September 23, 2008  — Adlib Software, a leader in advanced server-based document conversion, recognition and publishing software, and COOP Systems, Inc., a leading provider of business continuity software for the global enterprise, today announced that they have signed an OEM agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, COOP Systems will license and embed Adlib’s ExpressConversion Server and ExpressPublishing Server technology into future versions of myCOOP, its Business Continuity Planning (BCP) software package.

COOP Systems’ customers in the private and public sector in North America and throughout the world are challenged to manage an ever-increasing number and variety of documents as part of their Business Continuity Planning process.  Adlib and COOP Systems provides customers with on-demand document conversion, printing and PDF publishing that drives productivity, reduces the demands on staff and supports compliance with regulatory bodies and internal audit processes.

"Adlib has been an exceptional partner as part of our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) software package," said Chris Alvord, CEO, COOP Systems. "Now, with Adlib directly integrated into our product, our clients benefit in numerous ways with the advanced PDF printing functions.  Existing content can be re-used without changes, lowering costs and speeding implementation time.  End users easily use the printing feature themselves on demand, relieving the burden on overworked administrators. Accuracy is enhanced as content remains in native format."

Adlib’s ExpressConversion Server automatically converts hundreds of document types into PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X, HTML and Text. When integrated into COOP Systems’ BCP software, customers can eliminate tedious, labor-intensive and error prone manual processes by automating document conversion processes within any workflow. Adlib's ExpressConversion Server provides a variety of interfaces to enable easy integration with any software application or process. 

With Adlib’s ExpressPublishing Server, documents can be appended automatically with PDF stamps, tables of content, title pages or common elements such as legal text. End users can also systematically add customizable PDF watermarks, page numbers, headers, footers, disclaimers or document control data like Bates numbers, time/date stamps or status information.

“Sharing documents between applications and among employees, departments, suppliers and customers is a challenge for any enterprise,” said Peter Duff, president and CEO of Adlib Software. “Without a standard, electronic mechanism for sharing information, communication flow breaks down and can cost organizations unnecessary man hours and money, not to mention aggravation. With powerful server-based PDF conversion and publishing automation capabilities, Adlib and COOP Systems jointly solve this business continuity challenge. The result is a solution that saves enterprises time and money and seamlessly integrates into their unique methodologies.”

ABOUT COOP SYSTEMS  - Next-Generation Continuity Planning

COOP Systems (www.coop-systems.com), headquartered in Herndon, VA, is an exciting provider of myCOOP, the Business Continuity Management software package provided to a growing list of domestic and international clients.

With a reputation for no risk deployments, low costs, and ease of use for all types of users, myCOOP is the next generation of business continuity software. (www.coop-systems.com)

About Adlib Software

Adlib Software is a leading producer of document conversion, recognition and publishing software. Its products integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications as part of any strategic content management workflow. Adopted by leading Enterprise Content Management vendors as the standard in document rendering, Adlib Express Server products scale to work well in departmental applications right up to an enterprise-wide document transformation framework service, accessible by any automated document workflow. (www.adlibsoftware.com)

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