Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adlib Software Unveils Express Server 4.5

Adlib Software Unveils Express Server 4.5

New Version of Server-Based Document Transformation Solution Allows Users to Convert XML to PDF

Burlington, Ontario — November 10, 2008 — Adlib Software, a leader in advanced server-based document conversion, recognition and publishing, announced the availability of Adlib Express Server 4.5, an enhanced version of its server-based suite of applications that integrate seamlessly with enterprise application software or as part of any document workflow solution.

In addition to the easy deployment, integration, maintenance and scalability of Adlib’s solutions, Adlib Express Server 4.5 now allows users to easily convert XML files to PDF or other formats. Converting XML files to PDF is particularly important for organizations that pull high-volume content from databases and apply it to templates. The process of converting XML to PDF has also become a common requirement for report generation applications because the PDF file format is a convenient, well-supported and well-documented cross-platform mechanism for publishing and sharing documents. With Adlib Server 4.5, users can now arrange and format a variety of complex XML documents with text, tables, graphics and images while converting to high quality PDF.

“Express Server 4.5 offers powerful new functionality and flexibility, arming our customers with the most comprehensive document conversion solution available,” said Scott Mackey, director of product management, Adlib Software. “By converting XML to PDF, Adlib Express Server 4.5 reduces an organization’s costs by accelerating its workflow through automation and by allowing it to render both structured content such as XML files and unstructured content such as office documents using a single solution.”

Other new features of Express Server 4.5 include:

Support for rendering Microsoft’s Infopath forms to PDF
Additional flexibility through user-definable variable substitution within Adlib XML Job Tickets
Improved performance for document-to-image output
Additional supported image formats
Learning resources for XML Job Ticket functionality
Reduced administration through automated job information collection
Express Server applications are easily integrated with enterprise applications and seamlessly incorporated into any document workflow. Benefits typically include increased customer satisfaction, which results from getting the right document at the right time, reduced costs through increased efficiency and reduced maintenance, and stronger adherence to internal or external compliance requirements.

About Adlib Software

Adlib Software is a leading producer of document conversion, recognition and publishing software. Its products integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications as part of any strategic content management workflow. Adopted by leading Enterprise Content Management vendors as the standard in document rendering, Adlib Express Server products scale to work well in departmental applications right up to an enterprise-wide document transformation framework service, accessible by any automated document workflow.

For additional information, contact:

Lina Suriani
Marketing Communications Manager
Adlib Software

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