Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Best Practices using server based OCR Webinar

Webinar announcement

Date July 15,2008    11 AM PST/  2 PM EST

Discover how Adlib ExpressRecognition Server positively impacts the bottom line for businesses like yours.Most paper-intensive or transaction-based businesses recognize the advantage of using OCR to accelerate business processes but still are under the impression that implementations are costly and timely, utilize precious IT resources and don’t work.This Webinar will describe OCR: what it is, how it can be utilized for maximum advantage, how leading companies including MCMC LLC, Northern Natural Gas and Goodmans LLP are benefiting and why a server-based solution for high volume document workflows makes sense within today's IT environments. Learn how to engage Adlib ExpressRecognition Server either as an add-on to any existing Adlib Express Server product or as a standalone application to provide a wide array of document conversion (Word to PDF, DWG to PDF, HTML to PDF and more), OCR Text Recognition and PDF editing, (document assembly and stamping), functionality.Review the benefits to your business during this Webinar:Eliminate manual data entry and save time searching for documentsReduce costs on archiving and minimize outsourcingAutomate transaction processing faster and more accurately, i.e. forms and invoicesReduce IT dependency and reduce the number of vendors supporting separate document workflows.

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