Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Document Conversion and Management

The business case for converting various documents into PDF's is clear. It has become familiar functionality in many Content Management Systems and easily provides a common platform for sharing documents and standardizing information.

Reversing the process by converting PDF's to other document types is a little less common but by no means less important to those who need it. Often companies need to re purpose the content of a PDF and usually revert to manually replicating the content to anther usable format.

Adlib Software has created a series of Extensible Output File Type Add-On modules that allow companies to automatically convert PDF documents into other reusable type documents. The entire series of Extensible Output Add-Ons supports the conversion of multiple formats to multiple formats when combined with the Extended File Type Support (EFTS) Add-On. Rarely does any user group need support for all documents types and few only need support for one. Adlib therefore bundles its various offerings into a menu of several strategic functional clusters that support the creation of similar file types.

The entire process can be automated, avoiding the need to have any human-machine interface. Documents can be fed into the engine by the thousands through a workflow call, the documents are analyzed by the EFTS Add-On module and automatically converted to any number of supported file types such as PDF, HTML,TXT,RTF,etc., by one of the Extensible Output Add-On modules.

Adlib Software provides automated, bulk, document and edocument processing into PDF for searchable, archival purposes for the medical, legal, pharmaceutical,manufacturing and educational markets.

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