Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Document Management example - LAW FIRM

Torys LLP is a U.S.-Canadian Business Law Firm with 300 lawyers in New York and Toronto.  Torys offers a wealth of talent, experience and seamless service to clients in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

“There are approximately 1.8 million documents circulating the firm,” says Frank Post, Systems Manager at Torys.  These documents are circulated amongst lawyers, clients and the regulatory filing systems that are mandatory within the legal industry.  The information must be secure and non-editable, a task that has become more manageable since Adobe PDF became the global standard for exchanging documents

The PDF format allows lawyers at Torys to securely send electronic documents in a non-editable format to clients and external parties.  As well, to reduce incoming file sizes, the mandatory Sedar® security filing system and Teraview® real estate application only accept submissions in PDF format.

Business Challenge

Torys often purchased intermittent copies of PDF software as the need to convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project files increased.  It became costly and time consuming to install and maintain the individual desktop licenses.  The challenge was to find a replacement that would not only reduce cost and maintenance but also easily integrate into the workflow of each user without engaging the lawyers in a time consuming learning curve,


ExpressConversion Server provides PDF conversion functionality to 600 Torys employees from a single server.  At their desktop, users can convert to PDF via their right click menu or a shortcut to their Program menu.  The server is configured to enable users to email files to a designated mailbox, be automatically converted to PDF and returned to the sender via email.  Converting files with ExpressConversion Server is so simple that the only training required was a two-paragraph email explanation.
In the cases where file size is important, Torys is benefiting from the PDF compression ad onn.  “A 100 page document was scanned and resulted in a size ranging from eight to 40 megs.” says Post who added, “When converted and emailed with ExpressConversion Server, the file size was less than 1 meg”.  Even more importantly, ExpressConversion Server presents a significant cost savings for Torys.  The installation and maintenance fees of a single server license, versus multiple desktop licenses, are both cost and time efficient.


ExpressConversion Server is:

  • Quick to learn - With only a two paragraph explanation, staff were able to convert to PDF easily from their own desktops.
  • Cost efficient - Without any client software and only one server, everyone in the firm had PDF conversion abilities from their own desktop.
  • Simple - One server application allows for simple installation and maintenance.
  • Customizable - Adlib software quickly integrated within Torys existing Sedar® security filing system and Teraview® real estate application.
  • Flexible - Express’ wide range of functionality provides additional options for various other workflows.

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