Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top 10 issues for regulatory document publishing - PDF/A

Top Ten Issues to consider when conforming to regulatory submission guidelines and rules.

  1. PDF/A - The PDF Archive standard is different than a standard PDF in that it provides all of the document font information to provide universal rendering and a standards based metadata is mandated. PDF/A-1b will require that the document be structured or tagged so that it may be searched or repurposed.
  2. The ability to easily repurpose, repaginate and index for different regulatory agencies.
  3. The ability to update hyperlinks embedded in the document.
  4. Fast, accurate OCR (optical character recognition) to create searchable indexes from images.
  5. The ability to use HTML overlays and create sophisticated watermarks and stamps. (Example: Logo location, confidential mark, header/footer, sidebar notes)
  6. Zonal recognition in OCR. Processing thousands of documents that have embedded email addresses or phone numbers requires the ability to really use this information and intelligently interpret it. Ideal for Invoicing issues and customer lists.
  7. Merge and Split ability. After creating a 500 page PDF, you should retain the ability to automatically break it up again and create smaller documents.
  8. Configurable XML job ticket instructions to make background processing seamless.
  9. Server based watched folders that each have defined rules. Send a document to a watched folder and it converts/translates/recognizes it and knows what to do with it afterwards.
  10. Email ability. Send a document to a user defined email address and have a document converted and either sent to an archive or sent back to a predetermined email address.
Adhering to strict submission regulations for document publishing and specific rules attached to many submission procedures can be daunting. Especially if your submission process involves thousands of pages. An intelligent, unattended solution is the most efficient method for reducing errors and overall costs.

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