Tuesday, July 8, 2008

PDF conversion

Adlib Express Conversion Server attaches to the central hub of any intranet system along with BPM (Business Process Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), ECM (Enterprise Content Management), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and PLM (Product Life cycle Management).
Information traveling to the central server through each of these conduits is processed according to defined user rules.
Perhaps a user requires information from BPM to be converted to PDF, indexed, watermarked and then sent to PLM for review or action. PLM then acts on the PDF document and can then send it to an archive.

Processing thousands of documents per day can put a strain on some systems, and that is why Adlib Express Server is scalable, servers come with a load balance that can automatically detect other servers and reroute jobs to other servers to equalize traffic load. The system also knows how to restart itself unattended in the event of system failure or error. The server will then provide a log of all activities including a list of documents that are not processed (for example, an unknown file type or damaged document).
The server load balancing is automatic and so is the error handling.

The user can setup watched folders that know that every time a document is stored in this watched folder, a specific set of actions are carried out. The system is designed to mail to an unlimited number of folders. The system can be setup to receive documents from a dedicated email address. Email documents, messages and/or attached files can be instantly converted based on a particular email address. Multiple addresses can be setup to perform different conversion tasks based on rules. The converted documents are then sent back to the original email address.

PDF formats can also be changed. The user may require a streaming PDF type that allows the document to be viewed online quickly. The first page loads and while the user is reading, it streams in the background.

Adlib will handle over 300 different file types. This means that different users do not need the primary application in place in order to view the file. Another benefit of this is that during the deployment of documents, it is not necessary for each user to have a licensed copy of the original application that created the document. For example, all users would be able to view Word documents, but would need a licensed copy of Word on their system. By converting to PDF first, users simply require a PDF reader, freely available on the internet. This cuts on-site licensing costs for software significantly.

The publishing efforts required by large organizations, producing thousands of documents can be overwhelming, so ExpressConversion Server can be setup through a web interface to assign specific functions to a document. Merge and split operations will intelligently split a document using a rules engine, and then reassemble the chapters under new rules; a new table of contents will be generated and the document can then be sent to its final destination. Repagination, reorganizing and rebuilding hyperlinks are all automated. This is essential for processes that require government compliance or internal submission rules.

A document from one organization may not meet the needs of another regulatory agency, so Adlib Server will reparse, reorganize and reformat the document to meet any set of rules.

A cost saving device, Adlib Server reduces errors, man hours,quality control issues, application maintenance, implementation times, user training and IT overheads. The OCR component is faster than competitive technologies and the load balancing capabilities of the server system can dedicate one server to OCR and one to PDF creation if needed. This improves the ROI of the operation.

Adlib is providing a solution that does more than just convert your documents to PDF. It provides an interface to extensive rules engines and document management protocols to seamlessly handle all of your document publishing and OCR needs.

A low learning curve, and single application solution can save large institutions millions of dollars in document related costs.
Adlib Software is a leading producer of document conversion, transformation and publishing software.
It's products integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications as part of any strategic content management work flow or collectively act as a framework for a stand alone solution.
Adlib's Document Transformation Framework has a modular architecture allowing for single feature adoption or an entire end to end document conversion and workflow automation solution.

With thousands of customers in over 50 countries, Adlib Software has proven to be a global leader in its field. In fact, many of the worlds largest Enterprise Content Management ECM companies embed Adlib Software technology into their own solutions due to Adlibs proven reliability, high degree of document fidelity and unparalleled scalability.

Today, in addition to our own successful sales team, channel partners; including world-class ECM vendors, systems integrators and value added resellers, proudly represent Adlib's software in the marketplace. The result is a growing number of small, mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies who rely on Adlib Software solutions on a daily basis for their enterprise-wide document transformation needs. For them, they simply Adlib it!

Adlib Software provides automated, bulk, document and edocument processing into PDF for searchable, archival purposes for the medical, legal, pharmaceutical,manufacturing and educational markets.

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